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Go School Apps designs mobile applications for schools! We will design your custom app and publish it to the App Store & Google Play... then train, support and encourage you to use your app effectively, consistently and profitably! 

Affordable Mobile Apps for Schools

Sponsor your favorite school or apply for sponsor ad assistance. This program is designed to help schools generate revenue to pay for some or all of their new mobile application!

We Help Schools Communicate, Educate and Generate!



Download our free demo app for a hands-on experience that will help you choose the features that will best suit your school!  

Choose from over forty functions and features! We will work with you to identify the best features for what you are trying to accomplish. Visit our Features  page or download our demo app to view all features.



We have a package for every school's budget! Whether you need to communicate more effectively, allow convenient access to school information or want to generate revenue, we have a solution for you!

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Communicate: Easily send push notifications to parents, students, staff and the community with valuable information including; schedule changes, event reminders, emergencies, fundraisers, sponsor promotions and much more. 

Educate: Allow app users to access important school information including; student handbook, senior packet, athletic schedules, calendars, tax credit form, cafeteria menu & nutrition, etc...

Generate: Generate much-needed school revenue. Through our Sponsorship Program and our Diamond App Package, you can sell school ad sponsorships or receive sponsor ad assistance that can pay for some or all of your app and even more.  Please visit our SPONSORSHIP  page for more information. 

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